Iphone tricks apple won’t tell you

iphone tricks apple won't tell you

Iphone tricks apple won’t tell you. hello and welcome to today’s video we will be giving you some basic tips and tricks to navigate your iPhone 11 whether you’ve just upgraded to a new smartphone after years or you’ve made the switch from android to apple this video will help you get to grips with some of the most basic functions of your new phone with easy-to-follow visual instructions today you will be demonstrating these tips on the iPhone 11 pro max

 but these functions often transfer on to older iPhone models with a slight deviation in the use of the home button first off you could turn your iPhone 11 on by holding down the button on the right-hand side of the screen until you see the Apple logo if you do get the battery symbol accompanied with the lightning cable this means your phone needs charging and once plugged in the battery symbol will remain on to indicate that it’s powering up and

to turn it off all you need to do is hold down the same power button and the up button on the left-hand side rocker switch until you get the sliding indicator to turn off the handset so opening up the handset you’ll find a simple grid of apps squares swiping left to right to scroll through all of the apps on your phone you can customize each panel by holding down an app tile until the rearrange apps menu pops up initiating this all the tiles will begin to shade meaning that you can hold and

drag apps to move and place each tile in the section of your choice track the towers over others to collapse apps into categories for a cleaner home screen to create new panels to organize apps into a more open and easy to see manner to delete apps all you need to do is touch the little cross in the corner of each tile and when you finish placement click done in the top right corner to finalize everything quitting apps close apps that have stopped working or use up battery power in the background by holding your finger on the bottom of the screen

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