How to win a girl over on a first date

how to win a girl over on a first date

How to win a girl over on a first date. hey guys don’t you hate it when a woman tests you I know it’s so frustrating isn’t it well in this video I’m gonna give you 15 ways you can handle women’s tests and still be a real man and feel good about it if you’re new to my channel my name is Anna Jorgenson I’m a dating coach for men in Vancouver Canada please remember to hit that like and subscribe button be sure to click the notification bell so you don’t miss any of my new videos

 some of the private messages I post in my community tab first of all anything worthwhile requires time effort consistency failure review revision practice and rinse and repeat you’re gonna do all those things all over again so whether you’re building a business if you’re building your body if you’re building a bicycle if you’re building a relationship with a woman it’s going to require that you develop new skills

if you don’t want to because it’s not worth it then don’t do it walk away lots of guys are walking away what that means is that there are more women left for the rest of the guys who are willing to make the effort and learn about how to understand women if you don’t want to do that don’t worry about it don’t do it you don’t have to that’s the nice thing about life

 it’s not mandatory okay now that I’ve moved past my little sarcastic riff let’s go into the 15 ways that you can handle women’s tests and again I mentioned in another video women test you if they are potentially interested if they’re not interested in you at all, there’s no reason to test you because they don’t care if you have any backbones they don’t care if you pass these tests because they don’t see you in their future so think of it as a good thing

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