How to use linkedin as a writing portfolio

how to use linkedin as a writing portfolio

How to use linkedin as a writing portfolio. hey everybody welcome to the second LinkedIn series we’re doing with the amazing Latasha James on this episode she’s going to drop an amazing value about how to really make your LinkedIn profile stand out with some really cool tips here we go hey there Latasha here back to pick up where we left off with LinkedIn so now that you know what the platform is all about it’s time to get that profile in order LinkedIn profiles can be your really overwhelming I’ll be honest because there are so many different things that you can customize there’s

so many different fields to fill in and it’s hard to really know where to start but in my eyes there are really five key areas that freelancers especially should be concerned with getting set up and getting correct before going ahead to start networking and reaching out to people for opportunities and things like that so we’re gonna be covering those as well as some content opportunities and ideas for you in today’s video so first things first you need a good profile photo for LinkedIn just like any other social platform you know your profile photo is going to be the first thing that people see when it comes to your profile besides your name

so it used to be that LinkedIn profiles for like very stuffy and serious you know you put on your blazer and you had a typical kind of LinkedIn headshot but I think like I said it’s growing as a content platform and definitely for freelancers especially freelancers in creative industries I think that it’s a little bit more lenient now you can have fun with your profile you can show off your creativity show off your personality you know unless you’re catering to super serious companies or

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