How to train for public speaking

how to train for public speaking

How to train for public speaking. what is a good posture these three elements are crucial feet hands and eyes plant your feet firmly on the ground preferably at the same distance as your shoulders think of them as two trees you’re planting into the ground it’s pure physics your two feet closely lewd to one another even worse crossed will not give you stability and stability in your body means credibility in your story

you’re allowed to move around during your presentation we would even recommend you to do so just make sure that you take big steps as opposed to small and shifty ones as they bring down the power of your story now what to do with your arms and your hands these two dangling objects given to us by Mother Nature that they cause more trouble than we think during presentations

because we just don’t know what to do with them well make them a part of your story they help you to underline your message and emphasize the point you’re trying to make so don’t hide them behind your back or in your pockets, even worse don’t lock them by wringing them permanently just let them hang loosely in front of your body barely touching one another let them move from that position and create movements which are large and clear enough for your audience to watch

now here’s a tip that a colleague taught me once at several points in your story you can pretend that you’re holding like a basketball and make movements from that position to illustrate your point your hands will add dynamics to your story also even if there is a podium choose to stand in the open space and try to stay away from anything

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