How to take professional portraits with phone

how to take professional portraits with phone

How to take professional portraits with phone. well hello there my name is kike and today I want to give you some mobile photo tips to take better photos with your phone because here’s the thing I know you’ll have probably taken a photo or two with your mobile phone what am I sitting like this what is this like a cowboy you’re probably taking a few photos with your phone and I still see like especially um please like Instagram where I hang out a lot people sharing photos that are otherwise maybe very nice but then some of these like very rudimentary and

simple things they could have done while taking the photo that is quite obviously taken with the phone to make them so much better and especially in Instagram stories I see quite many things over and over again so I just thought like I share these tips quickly with you because there are all tips that I’ve also kind of some mistakes maybe that I’ve learned along the way so that is the reason for sharing this I hope you find it useful and information so I was gonna say but that it’s not really alright without further ado let’s get to the tips I am out here in the hotel garden in Helsinki filming some hero for this video and I just thought I’d say something about mobile versus camera for a second

because I do take my most of my photos with my camera but for some photos I actually prefer to take it with the mobile phone I don’t know there is some kind of graininess and a bit of rawness okay not centering ah rawness that you get with the mobile phone that you don’t get with the camera necessarily so especially with photos that you’re just taking something that is quite close by like kind of close shot for example I do these with I have my hands in the frame for those I usually prefer to use my mobile

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