How to survive a hostile work environment

how to survive a hostile work environment

How to survive a hostile work environment. hey friends welcome back to our channel my name is Lynn Elora if you are new here hi hello on this channel we talk a lot about self-improvement and personal development making money saving money investing money’s all that good stuff so if you enjoy topics like that definitely subscribe and join the party so we’re in a bit of a different setup right now I just didn’t feel like setting up the big old industrial camera so hopefully this camera setting will suffice it’s going to have to because that’s what we got so we’re it quit okay you do

what you can with what you’ve got okay basically many of us have multiple streams of revenue multiple streams of income and one of those income streams might be your full-time nine-to-five corporate job or nine-to-five job in general on Sunday I uploaded a video on tips to ace any single interview and I said that to date Wednesday I would upload a video with a Survival Guide tips to succeed in your work environment specifically

 if you have a corporate job if you haven’t already gone to check out that video definitely go check it out I love the conversations that we end up getting into in the comments section so if you have any tips or tricks definitely leave it down below in the comments so we’re gonna jump right into this video so my number one tip to surviving your corporate job is to schedule self-care time a lot of us go through grade school we go through four years of college or however long you went through it all this schooling daydreaming about what your 95 career is going to be you think you’re gonna get your bomb internship you’re gonna be Lauren Conrad from Laguna Beach you know Lex is gonna be sweet

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