How to start yoga and meditation at home for musicians

How to start yoga and meditation at home for musicians

How to start yoga and meditation at home for musicians. hi I’m glory saint-germain do you find your mind wandering with too many things to think about as a music teacher how can you use a meditation technique to center yourself and stay focused we’ve created the ultimate music yoga program I’d like to share an easy meditation technique that you can use anytime here’s Heather Cohen Kowski with an ultimate music yoga tip meditation

whew everybody’s doing it scary word but it’s very easy and it’s something that you can do anytime anywhere when you’re feeling overwhelmed flustered going in 10,000,000 directions and you just can’t seem to get anything done first thing you should do find a comfortable place just to sit down even if it’s in the parking lot in your car just for a few minutes take some time get yourself comfortable

 then just close your eyes and turn your attention to your breathing taking a couple of breaths paying attention to the movement in your chest and then breathe to a count of five filling the chest diaphragm and lower abdomen so you would inhale one two three four five and exhale one two three four five inhaling to the count of five three four five

 exhaling two three four five both gives you an opportunity to slow down physically and it gives your mind something very simple to focus on so it can calm down become centered and then you can feel more focused more energetic and carry on with the rest of your day for these and other wonderful healthful tips please go to ultimate music yoga calm namaste you

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