How to sleep fast at night without thinking

how to sleep fast at night without thinking

How to sleep fast at night without thinking. hello and welcome to another video if you clicked on this video you probably are someone who’s having trouble sleeping so let’s get right into tip number one I’ve realized on days that I use my body more when I’m more physical through my day when it comes time to go to sleep

I knock out so at least fifteen to twenty minutes of physical movement through your day may help you sleep better this one is probably my favorite because it has helped me so much with getting a better night’s sleep all you need is one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and one spoonful of raw honey the drink needs about thirty minutes to work its magic

but I suggest you’re in bed at least 15 minutes after drinking it so that your mind and your body can relax all together if you didn’t know smell can trigger memories and emotions so when you’re winding down for bed light a candle burn some incense or even roll on your favorite essential oil so your brain can start relating the scent to sleep by this time you should be in bed and no screens should be on that’s because LED screens like my laptop here and our phones and the TV give off a blue light that slows down the production of melatonin in our bodies

I’ve also actually been wearing this I mask when I sleep and the fact that no light can penetrate my eyes even when they’re open when it’s like this helps for a better sleep so before getting into bed make sure everything is turned down and clicked all lastly this tip mainly works for people who can sleep when there isn’t complete silence so sometimes I YouTube the phrase sleep talk down and let a random video play as I drift off into sleep so those are the five tips that have helped me get better sleep and I hope they help you too if you end up trying any of these tips or have tips of your own please comment down below thank you again for watching and good night

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