How to set up my own business, This idea will help you

How to set up my own business
How to set up my own business

How to set up my own business, hey, guys, it’s Deepika and today’s video is a little different for my channel but in the best way possible I think as you guys have seen me grow on YouTube I’ve kind of evolved as a person and as a businesswoman and I think something that’s a big part of my life is the new business that I’ve built which is live tinted I have learned so many things along this journey and so today I’m rounding up my five tips that you need to know

when you’re starting your own business first and foremost I would say more than anything my number one tip is just start get out of your head take away all those excuses stop worrying about perfection and just get started now this goes back way before I even live tinted like this is every step of my journey in my career and I have to caveat by saying I don’t have all the answers before somebody says in the comments below like girl you think you

 is there something like that I just went for it you know I just started it was never about overthinking in any capacity even when I graduated college and I didn’t get the job at L’Oreal that I wanted when I thought I supposed to be a brand marketer I just went for that next opportunity I just started the blog I just started my youtube channel if you go back to my viral video of how I started my career use an iPhone I held it vertically instead of horizontally and

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