How to set a perfect road trip

How to set a perfect road trip

How to set a perfect road trip. You’ve got some free time and you want to hit the road? We’re the Vagabrothers, and this is how you plan the perfect road trip. Road trips. Group of best friends. The open road. An unforgettable adventure or a total nightmare. Everything depends on the people you’re with, the places you go, and how you get there. Follow these tips, and you’re sure to have the experience of a lifetime. First thing first: choose your vehicle wisely. You want some thing spacious so you can spread out and stay comfy on those long rides. This is like the ultimate road-trip vehicle: lots of character. We installed a sound system so it’s pumping. Step two: assemble your squad. Even more important than your ride is your squad. These should be your best friends because you’re going to be stuck in a car with them for a long, long time. The larger your group, the more time you’re going to spend waiting for everybody to get ready. So thin your squad for a lean, mean road-trip team. Step three: plan your route. Get everyone on the same page about where you’re going and what you’re doing.

Talk about must do’s….and won’t do’s. Don’t plan too much in advance, but research places that you know you want to visit so you don’t show up on the one day of the year that it’s closed. Websites such as Road Trippers and On the Way help you plan your route and find cool places to stop. Remember….and this might be the most important point of all…plan to go slower than you think. Trying to do too much in too little time will just make things hectic and could ruin the experience. Step four: final preparations. Before you go, get your car tuned, fill the tires with air, and make sure you have the following: a spare tire, car’s registration and insurance; a real map to inspire detours; Google maps and a sim card to power it; spare change for toll roads; a sleeping bag a bivvy sac for rough camping; a multi port charger, trash bags, duct tape first-aid kit, air freshener, and plenty of snacks; a laundry bag; a good camera; a water bag and refillable bottles; a spare key in case you lock yours in the car; toilet paper for emergencies and hand sanitizer. And if your car is a little bit old, you should bring a fire extinguisher.

Quick, quick, quick…in here! Oh my gosh, oh my gosh! Dude. That could.. literally… be the whole van. We could have lost the whole van just then. After that, fill up your tank and hit the road. Once you’re moving, the key is a positive attitude and plenty of gumption. Next up : lodging. If you have a camper van, you’re sorted. If not, camp under the stars or use couch surfing for a free local experience. There’s no need to book every night in advance. So play it by ear. Use apps like Hotel Tonight or Instant Book on Airbnb to pick up rooms on the fly. For food buy a small collapsible cooler and fill it with food you don’t need to cook And avoid stressing about money by creating a kitty fund. Everyone throws some money into a jar, which gets used for all road-trip essentials. Otherwise you can use apps like Trip Splitter to keep track of how much everyone spent and divide the bill afterwards.

 Also it’s super important to keep a balance between being spontaneous and being practical. Know when it’s time to haul ass from A to B, or when it’s time to get out of the car and go explore. Have you been here before, Carrie? I’ve never been here before, and it’s stunning. The color of the water is just unreal. I didn’t know California had blue-greeny water like that. It’s pretty epic. Your main expenses are going to be fuel, accommodation and food. Here’s how to avoid breaking the bank. Number one: gasoline. Cut weight by avoiding all unnecessary junk and packing as light as possible. Drive the speed limit. This improves fuel efficiency by up to one-third. Avoid the lonely gas station.

 Make sure you fill up in big cities where competition keeps prices lower. What’s your road-trip tip? Stay flexible. Don’t get too caught up in the exact plans because inevitably things are going to change, and you don’t want to get really stressed out about it. So if you stay pretty chill and flexible with the plan changing, you’re going to enjoy yourself. My road-trip tip is….. to get really good music and awesome play lists because music makes about fifty percent of what makes a road-trip fun. Get some sing-along tunes, some Kygo and just blast it the whole way. Snacks. Get the corn nuts. Make sure you bring all the snacks, and always think about your next meal because you might be in the middle of nowhere; there’s no food. You should always have snacks with you. My tip is to grab a good bunch of friends to come with you because what ever happens if it’s some kind of accident, friends bring everything together. You can play games together. You can enjoy the outdoors and the nature together, and just have a bunch of fun. How sick is this? No, never been before. Always be safe and be ready. Battery packs. Portable batteries are always your best friends. You need to bring lots of power and battery stuff. I travel with six USB battery packs. Sam said the same exact thing. Really? Ah, f**k you, man! All right, guys. Those are our tips for the perfect road-trip. What are yours?   

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