How to save money on travel expenses

how to save money on travel expenses
how to save money on travel expenses

How to save money on travel expenses. Okay, i am struggling to make this video you guys. Oh my gosh, no way i sit down. I make a video i’m done. This is like take six seriously because i was asked a very. I was asked a question quite a few times and i can’t seem to take this question away from just like money-saving stuff, so i’m just gonna put this video in one and call it a day. So the question was: do we use a travel agent when we travel and the answer is no we’ve? I don’t, i don’t think he’s ever used a travel agent.

I’ve never used a travel agent and we travel very very very. We travel like on a penny. So i figured i would just share some of those tips because we didn’t use a travel agent now, if you are looking for a very like specific itinerary and schedule, like must be things and you’re cool at that stuff, then i would, i would think, the travel agent would be great um if you’re kind of in the middle of the road and you’re not into like we travel where we land and yeah.

We usually book a hotel room but um. We just hit the streets – let’s just dive into the culture and just immerse ourselves as much as possible, neither of us really into any of the touristy stuff. So it’s great for us to get a bike. We love riding bikes anywhere, um, get a bike or just walk, we’ll walk 13 miles a day, pretty much every day when we travel, so our style of travel is a little different. Keep the head in mind. There are if you’re like in the middle of the road, there are apps that make things awesome and that we’ve, you know been told about like, for example, google.

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