How to run faster with asthma

how to run faster with asthma

How to run faster with asthma. I got this I got this I’ll shoot I forgot to take my inhaler I’ll be fine okay so introduce yourself I am Walker in iron bars fringe and you have asthma right yes yes I do do you have any tips for people with asthma really granny yeah Toby Jack and coos I got my self-esteem with Bonnie love it dr. pol boo dr. Stacy swinging natural buzzing got me Mario Ramos okay so we’re making the video right now and it’s like tips for asthma think people asthma

so introduce yourself okay for running or like sports do you have any like tips tips for asthma or using your inhaler well I play soccer so I if it’s cold out I usually take my inhaler at ten minutes before whatever I do you know so to get instead of like right before I race or play so it gives time to sink in and when you fight when you run you don’t have half time but like when I in at halftime right when I get off the field at halftime I take it again because there’s a little bit of time for it to sink in so take your inhale or not right

before you start but take your inhalers to give it time to sink in okay one in four that’s how many high school students in the US alone VAP divide that by fifty million high schoolers nationwide that’s thirteen million kids actively using cigarettes it’s scary but I know what you’re saying they think you say if you know there’s it’s not bad for you maybe it is maybe it isn’t I don’t care because kids who use vapes are four times more likely to start smoking

 that has been proven deadly putting four thousand extra chemicals into your body and in your lungs is not gonna help with your asthma don’t use it before so for some reason I find that kicking deeper breaths helps sometimes because if you take why would you want to take it right after two to make sure you stay you heard it folks [Music] there’s gonna be a good race oh I forgot my inhaler   

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