How to prepare for a home inspection buyer

how to prepare for a home inspection buyer

How to prepare for a home inspection buyer. what’s up everybody hey today in our home inspection tips for buyers series you’re gonna see how a home inspection just in the Attic alone can save you thousands of dollars of problems later on we’re gonna show you five things that come up a lot during the inspection of the attic and be sure to stick around to the end because I’m going to show you one tactic that I frequently use to help negotiate a better deal for you I’m able to go to bat for you

after these inspections are done they hey by the way I’m Phoenix real estate agent John Cunningham with exp Realty and as we dig into these home inspection tips for buyers just remember how important it is to do your research and get rid of the noise you can start by subscribing to this channel today my co-host is Chris Houser owner of insight real estate inspection services and hey I’m really glad that you’re here to meet Chris and see how he works

because he’s really a whole lot like you and I he’s a husband he’s a dad and he just happens to be a guy who has nearly 20 years of home inspection experience under his belt but more importantly chris is just a totally solid guy where do you meet him you’re gonna like him he’s patient he’s understanding and he knows how to explain things his inspections really detailed and he’s got this way of explaining his inspection findings without blowing things up out of proportion were overemphasizing anything and of course never covers anything up so Chris at the beginning of this video I talked about the Attic

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