How to prepare for a baby for dads

how to prepare for a baby for dads

How to prepare for a baby for dads. I recall the iron birth designer for Sanford woman’s and today I have Mike with me to talk about how to prepare to be a new dad Mike alright the first thing we’re going to cover is how to hold your newborn the first hole we got is the football hole this is the classic hold three points of contact just like a football far more precious than a football the holding like this hold them nice and tight they don’t want to be out here unsecured and the whole point of the football hole is to be safe

and secured in that sense of security second hold is if you’re up late at night rocking the baby and cheese she or him with being a little puffy just snake that second arm underneath here and just rock them you can close your eyes pretend you’re sleeping and you’re going to save your lower back this holds great for prolonged holding the third holds we got is a snuggle hole flip them up on your shoulder remember to keep your hand in the back of the neck up until they gain good neck control just going to be about four or five months

 make sure you got a nice inside here it’s not going here and just enjoy those first couple months of being a father and Mike I know you have a daughter Julia what was her favorite her favorite bolts you like the football hole there she got really fussy there was a whole viewer topping one of the other class of Stanford offers that you could just take your other arm here put it on the chin here like this and just flip them over their legs ideally will drape off of your arm the arms will hang down and I would just kind of swing there like this and she would instantly calm down

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