How to pit fire clay at home

how to pit fire clay at home

How to pit fire clay at home, oh there it is and that red will get brighter as it cools good morning today I’m out here at steam pump ranch I’m gonna be doing a demonstration firing so I’ll show you there’s a there’s a replica pit house here they have all kinds of kind of living history hands-on archeology stuff so sometimes they do pendant making or flint knapping different ancient technology sorts of things and I think they do that on like the second Saturday of every month anyway

today we’re doing ceramics we’re doing pottery firing so I’m going to be firing a big pot I’ve got a fire going over here where we’re just we’re just starting to makes a bed of coals now this is what we call our primary fire so uh we got I got my primary fire going on back here this is just building up a bed of coals preheating the pottery you can see the replica pit house right there and then later I’ll be throwing that pot on there and we’ll see how it comes out

] so here’s some of the stuff they have on display here here’s the the pot that I made that I’m going to be firing today and over here they’ve got some some slip in a little bundle I talked about that in a different video here’s some be–we’d paint that Wayne Keene sent me here’s a pottery polishing stone and a gourd scraper this is a little demo I made with some minerals showing what color they fire there’s a little pot that one of my students made there’s some different flint knapping things that’s a addle addle point

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