How to overcome nurse burnout

how to overcome nurse burnout

How to overcome nurse burnout. hi guys welcome to another episode of the TMJ show today’s episode number five and we are talking all about how to minimize your step 1 burnout let’s get into it alright as what is going on along here for the attorney helping you succeed on your medical journey with less stress thank you for showing up for this fifth episode of the TMJ show if you are new my name is lucky I’m currently an internal medicine resident that’s been helping people just like you succeed on their medical journey with last try so if you’re listening to this on your podcast make sure

you subscribe for weekly podcast episodes and if you enjoy the content then make sure you drop an honest review on either iTunes Spotify Google podcasts and each week we’re gonna be looking at those individuals that love to feedback and giving one lesson winner either a free ebook or a video course up their choice from our website if you’re watching this on YouTube and a video for math and make sure you hit that like button subscribe to the channel and drop a comment down below either a question for this video or a topic in question for a future podcast episode to also be entered in

that weekly giveaway but let’s get into it today we’re gonna talk about bernal step on how to avoid it it’s common I know a lot of you guys probably have had it or experienced it or heard horror stories and even myself cleaned in my very first week I’ve dedicated prep I didn’t know the right things to keep in mind and so I had to learn the hard way we’re gonna give you three tips in today’s episode which is brought to you by my step one masterclass which it teaches you three different discoveries that I made during my dedicated to help me get a 250 plus and help a lot of my coaching students do

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