How to overcome job dissatisfaction

how to overcome job dissatisfaction

How to overcome job dissatisfaction. so a new national survey from Toronto based a charitable organization called that Sarah Kay has revealed some surprising statistics about Canadians of career choices joining us to discuss this he’s the chair of the board of Zurich John horn hello John how are you very good how do you have you here I’m good okay let’s talk about Zurich a little bit a bit of a history lesson on Zurich sure it’s a circus been around for over a decade we’re a charitable organization based out of Toronto but serving all of Canada

 our purpose is to advance career development in the country okay so that’s probably the primary reason why this survey was done okay how many people were pulled in this over 1300 career practitioners who are reflecting on the conversations they have with clients mm-hmm so a lot of this is a good sample size to come up with some statistics 61 percent we’re gonna throw out some numbers here say they wish they hadn’t played it safe when it came to their career

so what does that mean exactly what are they saying yeah it means being really present in the moment which is a good thing to be present at the moment to think about your current circumstances it probably also means that they’re looking a couple of months away for what their career might bring them and not thinking maybe years or decades down the road mm-hmm, okay sixty-five point five percent says they were pressured into a career, yeah and they wish they weren’t so a lot of people have opinions about career advice and perspective and those are valuable

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