How to make time table for daily routine

How to make time table for daily routine

How to make time table for daily routine. so having a daily routine is not about a quick fix it’s not like oh if you just do this single thing it’s going to fix this other thing it’s not a direct linear cause-and-effect kind of thing it’s a cumulative building of a foundation that sets you up for the greatest health of your life we are our habits so if we want to create change positive change in our health like we are what we do we are what

we are engaging with one of the things that a daily routine has personally helped with is to understand myself better and to discern my own needs having a daily routine allowed me to create kind of like a stable baseline that now it’s like okay here’s where I feel my best and if I start to dip away from that I know what to do to come back [Music] okay

so if you haven’t yet created your daily routine here are a few tips to help you get started tip number one decide how much time you would like to spend what are the habits that you’re interested in trying first what are the things that you can do before you go to sleep that is gonna help you wake up with lots of energy what are the things that you might want to do first thing in the morning

that’s gonna set your day up for the most healthy success whatever amount of time you want to block off remember that it doesn’t have to be separate from everything else in your day, for example, I like to in the morning get my oatmeal going and then during the 20 minutes that it’s cooking that’s

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