How to make guppy fry grow faster

how to make guppy fry grow faster

How to make guppy fry grow faster. hey how’s it going everyone welcome back to kingfish simple so in today’s video I’m gonna be giving you guys a bunch of different ways that you guys can make a FRA grow a little bit faster in your aquariums now this is going to be a list of different tips that you can pretty much use for every single kind of fish I’ve read a whole different variety of kinds of fish I’ve read live bears eggs Gators dwarf cichlids click goes literally like a whole bunch of things and I’ve tried and tested a bunch of these things and they work really really

well so if you guys want to know everything makes you stare out to the end of the video if you guys are new to this channel I might keep some accumulating information videos as well as little entertaining ones as well so if you guys are in that stuff please to subscribing and down a further let’s get started so you guys might find this list a little bit hypocritical because I don’t really implement all of these strategies but I’ve definitely used them all in the past and I know they work now the reason I don’t do that is because I just don’t have the physical space to be doing all this stuff and

I don’t have the means to want to do it anyway because I don’t breathe to make a living or any of this stuff but the first tip is going to be of course separating the fry from the parents so when you get fry like you might have some Guppies in your aquarium and you get some babies the baby is gonna be in the aquarium with the adults I don’t know if you guys have bred them and then separated them or whatever but if there the babies are in the same aquarium as the adults first of all they’re gonna get hunted down and probably eaten by the adults unless there’s some kind of coverage in the aquarium but even if there isn’t any coverage they still will not grow the same right now

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