How to live a more environmentally sustainable lifestyle

how to live a more environmentally sustainable lifestyle

How to live a more environmentally sustainable lifestyle. as trends come and go on YouTube and in the social media world it can be really easy to forget about that fire that we once had about a particular passion or a particular movement and for many of us that is your waste and there’s the whole sustainability movement some people are still going strong but others may be it fallen off and feels like okay that was trendy and now I don’t want to use my mason jars anymore to that I say I totally get it I get that it can be overwhelming my first tip is probably the least sexy tip of all I don’t know why I put it

first this tip is about junk mail and the reason is I think we often overlook the destructive nature of junk mail because it’s not our fault right like I didn’t sign up for all these coupons to landed my mail though it’s not it wasn’t us who signed up it would still our responsibility because it’s in our possession so when it comes to junk mail you’re basically given trash most of the time like when are you going to use these coupons for the store across town that you’re not interested in the reason this is important is the demand for junk mail is going to go down when more of us start taking our names off of these lists and they’re going to start printing

fewer papers my next tip is to grow a garden and I am so passionate about this right now because I’m having the best time with my winter garden I am harvesting greens all the time I post on my Instagram sometimes I’m in stories because they’re just so lush and beautiful and I’ve never felt more empowered when it comes to growing my own food growing a garden is such a wonderful way to reduce waste especially if you grow from seed cuz start plants normally come in plastic and this can dramatically reduce your own footprint when it comes to food and help you eat a lot healthier throughout the day [Music] this step is called creating a demand and for this it’s a little bit more overarching it can apply to a lot of different things in your life but let me just demonstrate how powerful it can be

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