How to lead group travel

How to lead group travel

how to lead group travel. video and this time we’ll be talking about our best advice Popov advice for someone wanting to make friends on a group ship for them leading have a group trip and so with us today we’ve got our dream oh I’ve got Lisbon so I thought mom lead us off right okay okay so when you are dealing with a group trip one thing you gotta deal with is that there are people will be having to pay money and money will be due at certain times

so my number one advice to you is to build an extra time if the payment is due on the 20th of the month Thomas do myself give yourself some time built in there cause there’ll be all kind of issues come up if people say oh I can’t pay for coal Friday no the next time flows payments what do you have my first one is nothing okay sorry first in my mind um can everyone get a passport or do they have a passport because if you’re kind of contemplating where you’re going to go where you’re going to suggest for the group having an idea of destination in mind

which is try not to lead into another one but can you get a passport is my number one thing because that will limit where we can even look where you can go where you’re going to suggest for the group that’s a great way no one I didn’t think about that one but I was invited so if you if your friend you have to have on the trip can’t get a passport it’s not a killer you can do Hawaii you can do you know Sam wants in counseling very good for some avenues

so my number five kind of piggybacks on yours is try to run with someone that you know because when you are dealing with those payments-especially your you know kind of paying for an apartment with two people if that person drops out on you you’re gonna have to cover that difference so it’s really important to try and room with someone that you trust room with someone that you can you know that is accountable

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