How to increase hair growth naturally

how to increase hair growth naturally

How to increase hair growth naturally, everyone welcome to the China so today I’m going to give you a way that you can retain care lengths on wash day especially because worst day is when your hair breaks the most and today I’m going to show you a sure way that you can retain your hair length now this is Tala knees here and I here has been in this town for I want to say for about Oh two weeks now and

you can see it is really crusty and dry and it is yeah we need to do something so what we do is that instead of taking down the hairstyle I just wash I here just like this now you say what if your child asked for the band’s well okay so we do have rubber bands in my hair right here I’m going to use the hair pick to lift up the rubber band from the hair and then use my scissors to cut it out and then just use your hand to easily and gently remove the rubber bands from the hair like that

so now I’ve taken off all the rubber bands and as usual way you keep it styling for that long they sure will be linked and as you can see the link is kicked in there so I guess were the superiors and I put my hairbrush in the pantyhose like that so I left a bunch of panels that I’ve always in it and I just tie this really tightly like that and then you can see the bristles they actually poke out of here so then I just take here up to tiny really tightly I just take it and

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