How to identify poor performance in sql server

how to identify poor performance in sql server

How to identify poor performance in sql server. by the way this one will be a very quick show like I have to the point questions and I will be answering to the point alright guys welcome back to the next daily DB episode today actually we were planning to cancel our show but then I thought like why not still do this show because I have those five questions for our new episode right now handy and I’m going to give the answers right away so let me start off with the first question of the day and i 100% believe this will be the shortest daily DV episode today so let’s start so the first question I have is

I want to know about real dog status for following scenario we have three rule of groups one two and three each group having two members NB when we are executing some DML operations by that time how the log writer will write changes to online read laws whether it will write 2 1 a 1 b 2 a 2 b or will it right 2 1 a and 1 B simultaneously amazing question I think this confusion even I had when I started my career like whether the log writer will write from one member to the another member or is it like members which are multiplexed or is

it the groups which are multiplexed I think I had this doubt but let me clear this doubt and it’s a very simple way okay so you have riddle of groups write minimum Oracle recommends you have to have two groups and each group should have minimum two members so log writer will write from one group to another group in round robin fashion like first group it will start writing to first row first read a long row and then it will move on to the second redo log group and then it will move on to the third raided Law Group so how many members you have in each group log writers will write simultaneously to all those redo log members let us take an example

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