How to get started making hand stamped jewelry

how to get started making hand stamped jewelry

How to get started making hand stamped jewelry. Hi everyone and thanks for joining us today. My name’s Erica, I work at Halstead and today I just wanted to show you a little bit about hand stamping – just to give you the basics. I’ll do a more detailed hand stamping video later on in the year, but for right now let’s just cover these little things. So when you start at hand stamping, you want to use a brass hammer and this is a one-pound brass hammer. And the reason you want to use a brass hammer is that brass will not damage the tip of your stamps. It will actually give in and it’ll mar up the brass instead of your stamps. So that’s one reason you want to use a brass hammer. Also you want a weighty one,

because you’re going to strike and you’re going to strike it really hard. So you want the weight behind that hammer. And another reason is that stamping is really hard on your arms and your wrist. And this just kind of bounces off and protects your arm and wrist better using a brass hammer. So there are multiple reasons why you want to get a brass hammer. So also another thing you want to do when you start out, is you might want to use tape –

and I’ll show you why in a minute. If you have tape, go ahead and cut it because if you pull it and stretch it to try and tear it you’ll damage the line of the tape and it’ll get bent and out of shape. Now this is an ImpressArt stamping tape, which is what we use here, but you can use other types of tape. All it is is a guide when to stamp. And I’ll show you how that works. So go ahead and lay your tape across your blank. And we’re using a copper blank. So when we start out stamping here, we use copper and then we gradually make our way up to sterling silver.

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