How to get slim legs without bulking up muscle

How to get slim legs without bulking up muscle

How to get slim legs without bulking up muscle. hey, everyone, it’s trigger amy-jo and today I want to talk to you guys about getting leaner legs I want to cover some tips some exercises and a great strategy for you to change it up your workouts and get moving towards leaner legs let’s do it okay so first things first you namely delays requires to focus on the dot all right

so I’m going to give you four tips number one let’s dive into the diet not only knew exactly what diet or nutrition strategy to follow because it’s different for everything absolutely and if you all need to know that consumption is about someone might follow one diet and works well for that they’re getting good results but the point is their sustainability

I’ll just want to get lead legs perhaps the ability is not just per month but for six months so you can have you could stream days we’re getting leaner legs as possible because you’re lowering your body some people have to be a little bit leaner to start seeing the legs drop and that’s just because of genetics so allowing yourself time is really important and making sure you’re consistent with your diet

it’s super so that’s number one number two moving into volume of exercise you want lean legs you have to train them so the point being is that you can’t expect one time of month or one time a week and then you’re not trading them for a while you have to have the volume here you have to have the consistency once again this is all based on genetics some people can treat one time a week very lucky

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