How to get sas certification

how to get sas certification

How to get sas certification. Welcome to the statistics 321 video tutorial for how to study for the SAS exam that’s exam is gonna come up soon and what do you need to know to successfully study for the exam and successfully pass the exam so what you should know is your Eid and password believe it or not I’ve had students in the past who forgot their password

 had to waste time by going over to the library to get their password reset to make sure you know your Eid and what the password is and the password can’t be locked in your phone because you’re not allowed to use your phone at any time during the exam number to know how to use the full version of SAS which is installed on the machines a lot of students use

the university edition or some other version of SAS that they found somewhere on some server and getting data in and out is a little bit different so I would highly suggest you find a machine that it’s installed on if you’re at VCU you can go to Harris Hall 21:26 there’s a bunch of machines that are open that you can go and make sure you know how to do this know how to download data and remember where you put it

a lot of people will download the test data and then they can’t find it ok know how to save your SAS code and remember where you bought it because a lot of students will save it and then don’t know how to retrieve it to upload it into blackboard which is the next step upload your SAS code in the back blackboard

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