How to get people to like you more

how to get people to like you more

How to get people to like you more. have you ever met somebody and immediately like them or maybe you know somebody who’s just a likable guy so my question to you is where do you fall on the likeability scale from 1 to 10 right be honest on a good day maybe you’re like a 5 or 6 well gentlemen today the goal is simple to help you turn your likability up to 11 so now let’s go over some likeability tips and advice starting with number 1 and that is a positive attitude apparently there have been studies done but they have found that likeable people generally have a positive outlook on life they’re happy right and on the flip side you also have

some people that have persistently negative attitudes right we’ve talked about them in other videos they’re energy vampires when you come in contact with them nothing’s good me personally I avoid them like square-toed shoes practice maintaining a positive outlook or attitude one of the great things and the amazing things about us as creatures is that the more we practice even if we don’t believe it even if we’re faking it to make it eventually you’re conditioning your mind conditioning your attitude over time you’re going to realize it yo

I am actually indeed a positive person and people are gonna notice and like you more as a result they’re gonna be like yeah that Jimmy is one positive dude I just like him right because everybody likes to be surrounded by positive people tip number two is be engaged be passionate we are drawn to passionate people like a moth to a flame we go for them because it’s like yo that passion we want some of it to rub off it’s like come here brush up against them because maybe some

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