How to get natural curly hair for straight hair

How to get natural curly hair for straight hair

How to get natural curly hair for straight hair. every girl knows that when it comes time to get ready tackling your hair is one of the first challenges of the day all right let’s get curling shall we starting with the front good thinking Amy hmm I wouldn’t if I should wear that you dress today whoa looks like that electric current just did Amy’s hair for her your hair ease it’s okay you just gotta be away

we can fix this think this old sock can help actually yeah first take a good chunk of hair and separate it from the rest now tied the sock to the midpoint of the desired strength make sure it’s on tight now wrap the rest of the strand around the remaining caning material easy right when you get to the bottom tie it with an elastic once you’ve done both sides your job is practically done

now all that’s left is to wait it depends on how tight you want those curls but about an hour should suffice okay let’s see the magic unfold shall we um is it just me or are those sock curls just as fabulous as curling iron toe don’t worry Amy about the pirate oh wow looks like hairstyling just got a whole lot easier right ladies what a beautiful day what could go wrong okay first on the to-do list feed the cat check get a birthday gift from the Bessie hmm hey come back here Oh looks like money honey I call dibs oh come on again all right

I’m getting tired of putting this thing back every 10 minutes I finally have some time to catch some Sun just wish it wasn’t so windy my hat okay that does it I’ve got to figure out how to keep this thing on take a bobby pin and stick it through the straw hat catching some of your hair on the other side now do the exact thing on the opposite side just make sure you’re catching a good amount of hair on the inside of the Hat now that hats not going anywhere oh right wind bring it on

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