How to get followers on twitter fast without following them

how to get followers on twitter fast without following them

How to get followers on twitter fast without following them. hello friends let’s go over at 9 Twitter tips I did not invent these but I tested them using my account and they’ve to work stupendously well I tried plenty more but I won’t waste her time with those I either didn’t impress me or I wasn’t able to reproduce them or I could not evaluate them properly so welcome to the valley mill my name is Manuel I’m gonna have to eat please sign up for my newsletter right there

in the middle of page at WWll Milcom VI r al ml comm so tip number one tweet regularly twitter is a river literally and if you want to succeed you have to learn to navigate those currents everybody that has used it for a while has had to go through that learning curve even if you only tweet a few times a week spread them out at regular intervals people want to you know know that there is somebody active behind it account and of course posting regularly sends that message

tip number two tweet often I’ll do a more in-depth video on this but a lot of research states that the shelf life of a tweet is of less than an hour but it gets worse I was analyzing my traffic and I forgot a lot of it a lot of time is under a minute unless of course it’s picked up by others and retweeted mileage will vary greatly depending on your influence your community the time and topic you post but if you want your tweet to be seen tweet it often even a bunch of times throughout the day remember twitter is a river and the current never stops tip number three use hashtags add an appropriate hashtag or

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