How to get better camera settings for pet photography

How to get better camera settings for pet photography

How to get better camera settings for pet photography. photographing animals can be difficult and frustrating when it’s supposed to be fun this video is meant to help volunteers foster parents and even staff members taking pictures of hr8 adoptable animals with their cell phones these 7 tips will help you take better photos of our animals

 hopefully, get them into a great home [Music] first before you even start photographing introduce yourself to the animal if you don’t know them already get them comfortable with you by petting them and maybe fitting them a treat this will make taking their photo and launching a scale as you get ready to start taking photos to get down on the animals level

 meet them where they are this lets you get Fedorov of the animal and better opportunities to capture their personality perhaps the most important tip is to remember your lighting try to use natural light and take photos during the day does your cat like lounging in the window sill capture the photo in lighting is especially helpful if you have a darker colored animal who can be difficult to take pictures of you can make sure the lighting is right by pressing the screen of your phone

 adjusting the focus and brightness as shown here keeping our subject focus and interested is key make sure to give your subject high-value treats to keep them happy having an assistant or someone to help get the animals attention while you poised the camera can be helpful with this they can also hold a treat a toy or even just make chirping noises to get the animal to look in your direction

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