How to do magic tricks with a pen and cards

How to do magic tricks with a pen and cards

How to do magic tricks with a pen and cards. including flourishes slights tricks and more and tricks that are just too good to reveal on YouTube then check out my magic course in the first link in the description below the course contains some of the best tricks ever created the magician produces a card from nowhere this trick requires you to get into the JW grip place the short edge of the card against your middle finger and then use the rest your fingers to cover it as shown you can now reach through and grab this card

 it will look as if it’s been produced from nowhere the magician takes a deck it turns over the top card and shakes it and it changes this is a very powerful and easy trick to do turn over the top card and reveal its value you now need to get a break under the top two cards you can do this in any way you please

I use a pinkie count but you can simply grab the top two cards if you like to place the corners of these cards between your thumb and middle finger and then using your first finger rotate the card to perform the change simply do this rotation while shaking the card disappears and reappears

this trick requires a single card hold the top edge of the card between your first finger middle finger and thumb extend your middle finger slightly and pull back on the card this move is called the flip stick practice the flip stick until it’s fast now perform the flip stick under the cover of your other hand and the card will appear to vanish the magician takes a card and floats it in between his hands he then catches the card again this trick requires some invisible thread

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