How to do a low fade haircut step by step

how to do a low fade haircut step by step

How to do a low fade haircut step by step. welcome to tips for Clips today I’ll be showing you how to cut another skin fade but this time with slightly different techniques as usual we’re gonna start by making a line all around the head I’m using here the red trimmer it cuts at a level zero this is what we usually use for the shape up but we’re gonna use it here to get as close to the scalp as we can on the sides notice how I’m using this trimmer I’m not just going down but I’m going down and up that’s because I want to go against the grain of the hair and if you’ve heard any barbers refer to the grain of the hair that means you want to cut in the opposite direction of the way the

hair grows so his hair goes down here so I want to go up and down this is ultimately gonna give us the closest and cleanest cut and be sure in this step to make it as clean as possible before going on to the next step you don’t want to come back to this step or notice later that you’ve left some patches of hair remaining next I’m gonna push the lever on the Clipper to the short setting and the clip that’s on is a number two and we’re gonna use this to blend into the longest hair on top we’re gonna go about two or two and a half inches and we’re gonna make sure that it’s nice and smooth because we’re not gonna cut the hair on top and any shorter next

 I’m gonna use a number one clip on the long setting and the points of this step here is actually to make another line so we already see the line between the zero and the rest of the hair now I’m gonna make kind of a second line in the middle there it’s gonna be like a band all around the head these are gonna function as guidelines for the rest of the haircut and it’s gonna make the transition be really smooth for all these steps I always say go all around the head most barbers just stay on one side of the head and they go through all the steps of the fade on that single side but this way that I’m showing you guys makes the haircut a lot quicker

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