How to deal with special needs child

how to deal with special needs child

How to deal with special needs child. I found myself in hospital bed getting an EKG I was just completely overwhelmed hey everyone welcome to the special life by I am Jackie Dee and I am a two I’m not a two-year-old I am a special needs mommy to my two-year-old daughter Alexandria and in this video, I’m going to be sharing with you some tips/habit for my special needs parents out there

so that we can be the best that we can be not only for ourselves but for our kids so that we can help them trip their drive tribe okay there I if you guys have any more tips please make sure that you share them down below with the rest of this special news community let’s begin so I know some of these tips might be a bit obvious I feel like there are good reminders for us to keep in mind

let’s start with the most obvious which is to stay healthy okay I know this is pretty basic but I feel like it needs to be said I seriously got a wake-up call Alexandra she was in the hospital for the first eight months of her life in the Nikhil coming out of there taking on all of that responsibility as her main caretaker I found myself in the hospital bed getting an EKG pretty dramatic right most days it was almost as if I was paralyzed

because there was just so many things going on I didn’t know where to start I was just completely overwhelmed and so I think you know it was just too much that was when I realized that I are seriously needed to take action on getting healthy not just say I am taking care of myself or I’m going to take care of myself no I needed to take action in reality if I’m not healthy then who’s gonna be there taking care of her the way I do no one I know you’ve heard this before where people are telling you that I take care of yourselves you know that you have to take care of yourself but do you take care of yourself remind yourselves

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