How to dance salsa social

How to dance salsa social

How to dance salsa social. go to the videos so you will then those experts because this one that that one is an actual to a question which is going to be a little bit more complicated than the ones before say you know go to the second pass if you are answer don’t worry we’ll be just fine with the six six and then I’m gonna demonstrate on the followers Simon now this six of six that back is based on the four steps forward and a four steps back the first one is the slow motion the sixth one is impossible so let’s be started it will be crossing over in France single bit of step

becomes 6 then when we’re going back again to the left one time like this one [Music] the importantly when is such a fast step and crossing over is to make sure that you don’t like this because then you’re gonna block yourself and maybe potentially even fall over what is important is to make sure they pivot on the ball of the feet so it’s actually easier to cross or not on the following 1 2 3 5 6 7 and that is your system for six step back Suzie Q dance up our shoes but basically this which is five three five seven one two three if I find

 the right way forward on each foot all peoples so this one’s super easy but I love this one because you can actually do some body movement on top of the staff because it has a kind of glow and that is forward on each foot okay so it’s fastened to the letters is exactly what it sounds like I’m gonna step forward and each of those out of the way we step forward and come back then right we step forward and we come back with the timing it would be one two three now it seems like there’s nothing special about the step but I usually do

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