How to curl your hair with a flat iron for beginners

how to curl your hair with a flat iron for beginners

How to curl your hair with a flat iron for beginners. hi everybody and welcome back to my youtube channel so many questions asking that I do a really quick hair tutorial showing you the products that I use and how I curl my hair so I’m gonna do my best to show you my everyday like how I curl the things that I use and obviously this is not professional but it has worked well for me

I can curl my hair and usually within 5 to 10 minutes hi guys and welcome to my youtube channel a bunch of requests asking if I could do a quick hair tutorial show and the products that I use and the curling iron all of the things that I do for an everyday curling my hair I use 3 different kinds of curls depending on the look that I’m going for one is a really quick five-minute tutorial that just

it’s a wavy curl the second curl that I use is a quick curl but it gives like a looser look and then the third is one that I like to use when I’m going on date night and I want my hair to be a little curler and last for a longer amount of time so here are the products that I use I just use the wet hairbrush I got this Ulta it was like maybe ten dollars highly recommend the wet line their hair brushes are great I use the big sexy hair spray this has been fantastic this one is the spray-n-play it works well

if you’re in a humid like area Florida’s extremely humid so this one holds much better than other ones that I have dry and last but not least my curling iron I am using the hot tools it’s a one-inch barrel curling iron I got it at Ulta I got it Black Friday for really the deal I know a lot of places selling I use the heat setting 380 and 430 so I don’t use it on the highest setting but kind of like the second from highest

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