How to build lean muscle mass at home

how to build lean muscle mass at home

How to build lean muscle mass at home. hey hey marketer bruh here owner and founder of enterprise fitness in this video I’m gonna be sharing with you five tips on how to build lean muscle tip number one is eat enough complete protein so I know there’s been a big push recently for plant-based diets and the notion that you can get all your protein requirements met from from plants well I want to say that well technically that might be true however you’re not going to get complete protein so a protein or amino acid that is absolutely crucial in protein synthesis is leucine

so if you don’t have enough leucine you’re not gonna be able to take over or it’s like the trigger that that pulls the gun towards protein synthesis I mean that’s just one of many amino acids are gonna help so plant-based proteins and are inferior without a doubt they are inferior to animal-based proteins and it is the way it is now you can’t fortify that diet but if you want to build lean muscle you really are putting yourself at a disadvantage by being on a plant-based diet now again this isn’t the vegans R Us channel but I am gonna state it

simply that you are better off eating a varied diet now in terms of protein recommendations we will do anywhere from a 1.6 to anywhere between 3 times body weight of your protein so that is quite a big reference so if we’re looking to Deline someone out they’ll typically be on a higher protein diet if someone is looking to add weight they’ll typically be a little bit less maybe at the 1.62 times body weight and the reason for that is because we’re gonna be able to add more carbs and fats into that diet whereas if we’re trying to lean them out

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