How to budget and save money on a small income

how to budget and save money on a small income

How to budget and save money on a small income. oh it is all about saving us some money this February joining us right now is Lauren groopman author consumer savings expert and Lauren you’re a mama of six you must know how we can save money good morning to you good morning every thanks for having me absolutely okay let’s talk about savings and getting a little bit more financially independent and 20/20 I know you have some tips for us so where can we get started right so we’re gonna get started with debt

you know it’s hard to save when you have a ton of debt so if you ever wanted a debt-free Cheerleader so today if somebody can help you through this process well there’s a great free mobile app nimble by nationwide and nimble was created to help users pay off debt and at pace that fits their lifestyle so getting out of debt really has never been easier in just a matter of moments and a few questions the app understands your spending and builds you

a personalized plan for paying down debt based on your lifestyle so it really helps you with that coaching and the support that everybody really needs and desires because it can be pretty lonely getting out of debt it can and I like how it’s simplifying it for us on our personalized journey that’s great okay Lauren what else do you have for us yep yeah so I always recommend that people want to start saving you know even when you’re in debt you can still start saving and setting aside a portion of every paycheck into a savings account but it it’s not just any savings has to be

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