How to become handsome and attractive

how to become handsome and attractive

How to become handsome and attractive. so the singular goal of this channel and the videos that you watch on this channel is to help you become a better man the mission is to transform yourself and help you become your most attractive man now on this grand scheme of things her physical appearance or these tangible needs only play a very small role in the process it’s always obviously your personality your charm your confidence your charisma

that makes you your most attractive man but in order to have that kind of a high value in order to have hundred-person true self confidence and trust your emotions in being her absolute best self there are a few physical things that are a few tangible things that you can start eliminating in your personal development toolkit right now in order to become a much more attractive a much more handsome and my job your gentlemen my goal here gentlemen is to help you

use these tools so transform yourself enhance yourself and of course we our absolute best self in the corner so starting this episode romance essentials gentlemen let’s discuss a few essential tools that you can start using right now in order to transform yourself in order be a much more attractive a more handsome than the usual clan my name is mango Zara this is meant essentials [Music] all right so the very first tool at your disposal to be more attractive to be more handsome and to be more confident is the character the haircut suitable for your face the hairstyle to enhance your face because say if I have said it once I would have might as well

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