How to be physically romantic

how to be physically romantic

How to be physically romantic. getting the little green parts of the strawberry cut off I was gonna say the heads of the strawberry cut off but that sounded kind of morbid [Music] hi there my name is Alice little in I’m illegal sex worker and sex educator today I wanted to share with you my top 5 unique romance tips so it’s very easy to inspire a little bit of love but it’s surprisingly difficult to do so in a way that is unique as well as different I thought it was really timely video 2 since Valentine’s Day to be just around the corner and there’s no better time than the month of love to show your loved one that not only do you care about them but that you’re willing to invest a little bit of

extra time effort and energy into making sure that they have the most amazing Valentine’s Day possible so let’s do it let’s talk about our top 5 unique romance tips chocolate everybody knows chocolate is like the standby standard for Valentine’s Day but instead of just giving your girl or your boy some chocolate instead this year what you should do is set them up with chocolate fondue think about it this way you’re not just giving them a simple little bite but instead you’re giving them a full experience that they get to enjoy wouldn’t it be so romantic to dip strawberry and chocolate and then fold it out for your partner to essentially take a bite of that definitely

sounds romantic as well as creative chocolates simple but if you go through the effort I’m actually getting a whole fondue set up pitting some cherries getting this little green part of the strawberry cut off I was gonna the heads of the strawberry cut off but that sounded kinda morbid so let’s do it the green cutting the green part of the strawberries off cuz that doesn’t taste so good you can do marshmallows you can do cookies you can really have so much fun and get really creative of it and then when you’re done eating all of the goodies they’re still likely going to be a bit of chocolate left over so who knows maybe you’ll hunt if your fingers in and draw a little bit of chocolate on your partner

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