How to be confident while talking to public places

how to be confident while talking to public places

How to be confident while talking to public places. hey guys how you doing welcome to the YouTube channel this video sorry this topic gets requested a lot and it’s something that I realize that a lot of people struggle with and I struggle with it and that’s being anxious being out in public and I can understand you feel so I’m going to teach you all the things that I know that helped me and I felt a lot of people over the years and this will help you in a lot of its very common-sense basic stuff is effective so okay the people that have got bad social anxiety or if you’re a bit paranoid than you think

 because I’ve worked people over the years and they think that people are judging them that they don’t even know and you’d be quite surprised how normal this is that a lot of people have this fear I think at some level everyone has some kind of fear that people are evaluating and judging them it’s just some people have it to worst of degrees in others so the first tip is I want to give you is you’re not strange you’re not weird for feeling like that

I’ll have an anxiety or being paranoid if you go into a public place where there’s a lot of people that you’ve got this feeling that people are looking at you and they’re thinking negative things about you and I think you’re bad or they think you’re not good enough or you know or they’re going to be assessing you and watching you and stuff like that so first tip you’re not weird I had it quite bad until I got better at dealing a bit second tip is this is the most important and probably you won’t want to hear this you do have to face it you do have to expose yourself to the very thing you’re frightened of

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