How much does it cost to start an organic farm

how much does it cost to start an organic farm

How much does it cost to start an organic farm. Welcome back to the channel y’all so today we are gonna be showing you just some I guess some tips on how to save some money on the farm everyone knows whenever you first start a farm there’s a lot of expense to it and we’ve just found some things that we do that kind of saves money we’re not saving millions of dollars y’all you know it’s you know a penny equals 1/4 1/4 equals dollars and dollars equals a lot of dollars so if you do enough to you know save money little bits

 pieces it adds up in the end but we’re just going to show you some things that we do to save some money here on the farm so we like to reuse a lot of things here on the farm and this is one thing that I that I’d love to do is just using old feed sacks dog food bags Catback ink bags you get as you can see like here this is a black little sunflower seeds we use these as trash bags now I use these in my shop I have just regular trash can

 I just put you know one of these down in there and I used as a trash bag I don’t need to go out and buy trash bags we have you know so many of these I mean almost hundreds you can almost say and instead of just throwing them away just use West trash bags they’re gonna be thrown away later but you don’t have to buy those big shop bags and guys these bags are sturdier than those expensive trash bags you know if Alex would let me

I would put these in the house but she doesn’t so they just stick out in the shop and anywhere around the farm we need a trash bag you know and your barn this is what we use for trash bags, okay and I know it’s not a lot but it’s something that you don’t have to buy there’s no need to buy it because you have tons of them if you have a farm you’re gonna be having animals you’re going to be having food bags you reuse them and the other thing we like to use

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