How drugs work documentary

How drugs work documentary

How drugs work documentary. Today we’re gonna be talking about Hip Hop and drugs. Hip Hop artist’s have been making references to drugs since the beginning of it’s creation. First there was cocaine, then it was weed. Now we’re talking about narcotics and pain pills. Narcotics and pain killers are a huge problem for the United States today because the overdoses keep going up and up and up and up. More people are dying from narcotic overdoses than any other drug out there. I wanna take a look at three examples of rappers talking about drugs, and what these drugs actually do to your body. For the first example let’s take a look at Future. He’s one of the biggest rappers in the game right now.

He just released two major albums that both debuted number one on Billboard. Mask Off, one of the biggest songs on the record, has been trending around the world since its release, and the chorus of the song goes, so what are Percocets? Percocets are serious pain relievers, and I prescribe Percocets for only a limited number of conditions. Reasons why I would prescribe Percocet would be for severe short term pain. The reason we use Percocet for short term pain is because it’s highly addictive and your body grows a tolerance to it. So the longer you used a Percocet, the more you need it, and the more of it that you need. They obviously make you feel good and that’s why rappers are starting to talk about them that much more often. However Percocets carry a lot of danger. We’re talking about, the most important component in the drug which is Oxycodone. Oxycodone is a dangerous and highly addictive substance that’s found within the drug.

 Molly, unlike Percocet, is not a prescription medication. Or what is Molly? Molly is MDMA, basically pure Ecstasy. What is does is it gives your central nervous system an upper feeling, makes you feel fantastic, euphoric. How does it work? Molly works within your brain, as a central nervous system stimulant. So imagine how you feel after you go for a great run or have some great sex. In referencing Futures Percocet, Molly, Percocet, line, Molly actually increases the pain reliving effects of Percocet. The stimulating effects of Molly actually decreases the sedative properties of Percocet, which may feel good, but is actually one of the most dangerous aspects of it, because you don’t know how much you’re truly taking, and that can lead to an overdose.

Another lesser know, but equally as deadly side-effect of taking Molly and Percocet together, is something called Serotonin Syndrome. Which actually causes your body to shake violently, and causes severe rigidity, which can be fatal. Up next we have Chance the Rapper with his song Finish Line Drown. He recently performed this song at the Grammy’s where he took home three Grammy awards. Chance has publicly spoken about his addiction to Xanax, even referencing it on the song Finish Line Drown. So what’s Xanax? Xanax is actually Alprazolam, which is it’s medical name and it’s used for anti anxiety purposes only in the short term. Medical professionals discourage it’s use for long term anxiety control because of it’s highly addictive nature.

Overall I’m not a huge fan of prescribing Xanax, but I certainly see it’s uses in short term control of anxiety or something like panic attacks. People often self medicate with Xanax for things like social anxiety and depression or sleep issues, but that’s not a great idea. Negative effects from Xanax can range from blurry vision, weakness, to even respiratory depression leading to coma. Last but not least we have, Lil Wayne and Lean. ♪ A Mili, A Mili, A Mili, A Mili♪ He’s been talking about this stuff for years. He’s been referencing it as Sizzurp, Dirty Sprite, Purple Drink, but it’s all the same thing. What is it? It’s actually Codeine and Promethazine. Which are two active ingredients.

Separately they have two different actions, but when you combine them, they’re incredibly dangerous. The combination of Codeine and Promethazine is especially dangerous, because when the two combined they make a really strong depressant. Codeine is a respiratory depressant, and Promethazine is a central nervous system, meaning your brain, depressant. Codeine is a mild to moderate pain medication that sometimes used for cough suppression as well. Promethazine on the other hand, is an anti-nausea medication that’s sometimes used for sedation. One of the known side-effects of taking Lean is having seizures. Lil Wayne has been hospitalized in the past for seizures that are thought to be cause by Lean. Lean itself does not cause seizures but increases the likelihood in those susceptible to them. We’ve covered Molly, Percocet, Lean, Xanax, and if I left any of your questions unanswered leave a comment down below   

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