How do i find the hidden menu on my android?

how do i find the hidden menu on my android

How do i find the hidden menu on my android?. herwise will come back to the trio tips sometimes in even using me may ended up in complaining to a fellow friends like you know my phones are not performing well or there is kind of an issue so in this video we are going to give you the tips that can give a lot of influences the best Android tips you should be trying in your Android phones to make it more perfect and more performance to increase in performance so let’s get started so let’s let’s start with the first one the first one is tracked you data usage about the apps reduces your internet you can go through the data usage and you can find from which app is using the mode and which is using less or you can get a complete list or

history about the usage of network through the particular form so in order to do that you have to get to the data usage so these are the apps in my mobile phone which are using the particular data right so I mean as you can see at the top there is system apps and Instagram and the link metrics and going on the system apps used around 360 4.4 MB as of today and as well as the Instagram user to 54.8 MB which means I was mean consuming this much amount of network while using this so that’s coming to the second one it’s all about set default apps so in any phones you know

when we are using any kind of thing that adds something which is already been allocated for default apps for example in my case I’m a huge fan of Google Chrome but even though being a huge fan any kind of things which I search or any kind of link shared by my fellow friends if I try to open this I always ended up in the browser right I always ended up in I mean the my browser so it’s kind of really annoying and I don’t like it so in this tip I’m going to show you how to change from the default lab to the customized app which you like

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