Hotel safety tips for guests

Hotel safety tips for guests

Hotel safety tips for guests. hey guys I’m gonna briefly talk to you about hotel security okay I’ve done some hotel security stuff and some of my gray man and survival escape innovation videos but I’m gonna talk to you really very quickly I’m gonna give you a 5-minute rundown superfast on some easy quick hotel security tips so we’re here in a hotel and the first thing is always situational awareness guys pay attention to your surroundings notice if somebody’s followed you to the hotel

 also my gray man Theory Irish reference that a second ago make sure you understand the image that you’re presenting up yourself to the world around you so don’t make yourself a target be a hard target but don’t be a hard-ass we’ve covered all of those topics okay but kind of gray man project an image of yourself that you’re not a target but you’re also not provoking the fight and you don’t look like somebody that somebody’s gonna want to mess with for any reason if you’re overseas don’t make yourself look too military

because then they can think maybe this guy’s a spy or something like that if it’s in a really tough area or especially in the Middle East they or if you’re in Latin America they think maybe this guy’s working for the DEA so don’t present yourself as a real military badass with tons of Molli gear and all kinds of stuff like that again that’s why we have these NZ cardio shirts that one that I’m wearing right now it just really helps you fit the look of either just a nice you know well-dressed guy but with a little bit of party Flair on there nice black shirt not anything in any kind of a negative way it’s not gonna bring

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