Home recording mixing and mastering tips

home recording mixing and mastering tips

Home recording mixing and mastering tips. hi it’s me streaky welcome back to my channel today I’m talking about my five top tips if I was advising somebody at home studio what do you want to do what’s the kind of general rule of thumb for mastering your own mix or mastering in general why the five best tips I could give someone well tip number one would be don’t use a compressor now compressors are great don’t get me wrong they’re brilliant they glue the mix together you can get some warmth out of them you can get different sound out of them but as a general rule of thumb

by the times you’re getting to having a mix a mix is quite compressed so by then running into another compressor you’re pulling it down and really you want to save that tightness for when you’re limiting at the end because that’s gonna give you your level and that’s going to tighten the set of the track right up when you put it through a limiter anyway so tighten it up with a compressor can get dangerous I’m not saying don’t use one I use them focus or going through getting the warmth but as a kind of general rule try not to use compressor try to use EQ

 a limiter right tip number two going on to limiters tip number two is only limit in the box now what I mean by in the box if you don’t understand that is within the computer within your door within your software within ProTools where you’re using logic don’t if you’re using hardware and you’re going out of your computer into a load of hardware and then you limit there you’ve got to go into an A to D an analogue to digital converter which will then go into your computer again and then you’ve got a limit again so what you’re doing is

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