Home decor on valentine’s day

home decor on valentine's day
home decor on valentine’s day

Home decor on valentine’s day. Hey, guys welcome back to the crafty couple today, we’ve got these awesome valentine’s day, days. Also, if you guys enjoy this video, please give it a thumbs up and let us know in the comments which one’s your favorite for the first project.

You will need two of these love signs from dollar tree and we’re going to put them both together and turn it sideways to give it this shiplap look you’ll want to take off both of the metal hearts and go ahead and save those, so you can use them for a future project once those are off flip both of the signs over and we’re going to attach, both of them with popsicle sticks and a glue gun. Next, I painted everything white using the Waverley chalk paint.

Next, we are using the color truffle to distress. All of it and make it look more like wood for the heart, you’ll grab one of these signs also from dollar tree. Then I took off the sparkly love sign on the front. [ music ] then take off all of the red wire on the front. [ music ] you’ll be left with all these notches on the side that you’ll need to cut off when that is done, there’s just a couple more things that you’ll want to arrays her off. There’s this little bit of plastic, that kind of over spilled and then also this tab, that’s on there and just take a razor and cut it off.

It’s pretty easy! Now you want to just paint the whole thing using the color pink and then finally sponge on some of the mineral color as well, and I got this sponge from dollar tree.

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