Home Cleaning Facts | Weekly Cleaning Routine

Home Cleaning Facts

Home Cleaning Facts. Get ready to clean with me it’s fun, the holidays are over, the chaos is over, but the mess is still left behind. I know i find that it can be really hard to keep up with all the cleaning throughout the week and then it feels like i spend my entire weekend cleaning and i don’t get to relax at all.

We’ve come up with a really simple schedule to follow that any mom can stay on top of that makes the cleaning way more spread out and way easier to manage, so that you don’t spend your entire weekend vacuuming and mopping and doing laundry today. You guys are gonna clean with me and watch me. Do some real-life cleaning in my real-life messy dirty house and we’re gonna go through a few of the daily cleaning tasks.

You can do to stay on top of things, but then also how to break your cleaning routine day by day so that it’s evenly spaced out easy to manage and it doesn’t feel overwhelming on the weekends so for daily cleaning tasks. Here’s what you want to do!

Every single day makes the best make your bed make your kids beds. It just takes a couple seconds and it makes a room feel completely different, always load and unload the dishwasher. So every morning you want to get up unload the dishes from the night before putting them away so that you have an empty dishwasher to fill throughout the day.

That way, you can also hide dirty dishes in your dishwasher, and you won’t have clutter piling up on your countertops every evening. You want to do a quick, wipe down of your counters.

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