hidden features for android phones 2020

hidden features for android phones
hidden features for android phones

hidden features for android phones. Number 35 if you’re using Google Maps  then instead of just constantly double tapping to zoom in  you can actually double tap once and then slide up accordingly.  Google keyboard or Gboard  allows you to take a photo of yourself  and then turn it into personalized stickers  that you can use on almost every social media.  You might have heard of google lens  it’s something not a lot of people talk about but  it’s been silently getting smarter over the last year. 

You can not just use it to scan everything from famous buildings  to fruits and vegetables but  you can now even translate text in real time  and the app uses augmented reality  to overlay it into the real world.  It’s not quite at the bleeding edge of technology  but still pretty cool.  But what I think is even cooler is the fact that  you can take a photo of text  and then this instantly becomes editable.  You can copy it, share it,  or even find out more about specific parts of it.  Now when it comes to Google assistant  you probably fall into one of two categories.  You either never use it at all  or it’s a massive part of your life and you’re an everyday user.  For those of you falling into that category of people who never touch it at all  you might not know that it can replicate the functionality of a lot of your  possibly existing applications.  For example you don’t need to Shazam at all,  all you need to do is to ask your assistant “What song is this?”  and it’ll tell you. hidden features for android phones 2020

Something I’ve personally started playing around with  is remotely controlling my phone.  You can use the assistant to toggle your Wi-Fi Bluetooth and so on  plus even open a third-party applications.  You probably also hearing a lot about augmented reality recently  and if you anything like me  a lot of it will make your eyes literally roll into the back of your head.  But I was pretty surprised when I found out  but just by searching for certain animals on the internet  Google lets you visualize them to scale in the world around you.  If nothing else it’s a cool party trick.  And whilst we’re talking about your Android browser,  Chrome lets you switch between tabs really quickly  just by swiping  which considering I currently have about 50 open tabs is pretty handy. hidden features for android phones 2020

If that appeals to you and you really into your productivity maximization  then you might also know that Google Chrome can be used in split-screen.  But this gets a lot better when you realize that any text  that is selected can then be copied to the other open app just by dragging.  So you could forward a specific part of an article to a friend  or instantly plot the location of somewhere you’re trying to get to.  Dark mode has become a bit of a fascination recently  with it being able to save power on some devices and  just being a nice change from all white menus.  Turns out you can get dark mode on almost everything.  With most recent phones you should find the option in display settings but  this only tends to change UI elements  not third-party apps.  We can take this further though on Google Chrome  you just need to head into the chrome flags section  which houses Google’s behind-the-scenes experimental options  and enable it there. hidden features for android phones 2020

Even applications like Facebook Messenger  they have a dark mode too  which I just keep on by default now.  It actually gets a lot better if you head into developer settings  where if you’ve got a Samsung phone running one UI  you can set the phone’s internal dark theme to sync with the time of day  so everything will be light while the sun’s out  and dark when you need it to be.  Plus if you’re on Android 10  you can actually force dark mode in other apps  even when they’re not programmed with it.  This includes even whatsapp  which has been famously slow to adopt the feature.  Also if you are using a Samsung phone with one UI  then Hex installer is an absolutely amazing way  to get a completely new look  all without root.  If by the way you enjoy the kind of straight  to-the-point approach that I’m doing with videos now  a sub would be massively appreciated  because there is a lot more coming. 

Wallpaper modder  is an application I think I mentioned once last year  but I’m still using it three times a week.  Essentially you can get any wallpaper you like  and use until you get bored  but then instead of switching  and spending ages searching for the next perfect background  this allows you to really quickly change  the one you’ve got.  So for example  I really like these stock wallpapers on the Samsung Galaxy S10 5g  but the problem is that there are only three built into the phone  and I want more but in a similar style  this app is a really easy way of achieving that.  If you’re the kind of person who takes a lot of screenshots  you’ve probably at some point experienced a hand juggle like this  it doesn’t help that I’m using one of the biggest phones out there  but you see my point.  By using an app called Screenshot Assistant  you can remap the screenshot to just holding down your home button  and when you do that  you get an instant share button pop-up so  you can send that meme as quickly as possible. 

Okay back to the assistant  and you probably know Google loves hiding Easter eggs inside their products  and not really telling anyone just letting people find them.  In the past I’ve showed you that telling it I’m feeling lucky  will bring up a full multiplayer quiz  but there’s a lot more.  You can actually ask for specific quizzes based on things you`re interested in  for example video games or songs  and you can play quite a few multiplayer games  including one called Brainstormer  and one called Ding Dong Coconut  which is such a Google thing to do.  There is even an RPG called Game of Castle  which is a fully narrated adventure  where you listen to the host talking about the scene  and you respond with how you want to proceed.  I also just really liked the option to ask assistant  to tell me something funny.  It’ll bring out one of those kind of cringy but also kind of endearing jokes  and the cool pit is you can actually schedule it to send one every day of the week.  Oh yeah, one last assistant trick  you can tell it to remember stuff.  So for example, remember I’ve left my wallet in my jacket pocket  or remembered that I have indeed locked the front door on my way out  and at some point in the future you can tell it to remind you. 

Notify buddy  is an application that gives you your notification LED back.  This is a feature that a lot of phones are losing now  with the move to borderless displays but  this app uses the pixels inside your screen  to recreate that functionality.  I would say it still feels a bit beta  and that it’s lacking some important features  but it does give you fine control over color  and which applications to apply to.  Accurate heart rate monitor  doesn’t need a massive amount of explanation  but it’s convenient and that you just place your  finger over the phone’s camera for a few seconds and bam  you’ve got a reading.  It’s probably not the one if you need professional medical help  but at the same time if you just try keep track of your fitness levels over time,  it’ll do the job.  Falling very much into that cool party trick category  is Faced Pause.  Installing this application allows you to pause games and videos,  just by looking away.  It’s not something I’m personally going to use but I could see the appeal.  Moving on,  I’ve already shown you some of the cool stuff that Gboard can do  but there’s also a lot of useful stuff  the kind of stuff that actually made me switch to using it as my primary keyboard.  If you hold the enter key,  it becomes a mini keyboard for one-handed use.  If you then press this icon here,  you can freely move the keyboard around  within the entire bottom half of your phone. 

And if you want full control,  you tap these three dots and select floating,  it can then be any size and any where.  There are quite a few situations I’ve been in  where I just wish I had a dice to roll or a coin to flip  to settle some sort of score.  Randomizer Plus lets you do exactly that  and quite a bit more.  Basically anything you’d want to pick randomly from  like any letter of the alphabet or any card from a full deck,  it can do.  It can even play rock-paper-scissors for you.  It’s really well done, I just wish there were fewer ads.  Now one of my favorite Android tips  is one of the simplest  if you’re getting a call and you want to silence it,  just turn the phone over.  You can also double tap your multitasking key to quickly get to the last used app.  Okay now for a couple of things to do with theming.  By default most phone setups don’t have much uniformity when it comes to color.  And in my opinion,  your homescreen will often look a lot better with two to three colors maximum.  So start by finding an icon pack you like  as this is normally the harder bit  and then find a wallpaper to go with it. 

For example, the skyline icons have a really  eye grabbing blue and white neon aesthetic,  so I found a background with a complementary theme and colors  and it just looks like they were made together.  Also for an absolutely killer live wallpaper,  take a look at the Better Fish by Maxlice.  It is super well animated  and also primarily black to save some of that battery  you’ll lose by having a moving background.  Okay number one is Vemos  a fascinating tool.  It allows you to run Android within Android.  It gives you the equivalent of two separate devices  to which you might well be thinking,  “One device is already enough, why on earth would I need two?”  It comes with some surprising benefits.  It allows you to completely separate social life and work life  with your personal set of accounts logged in on one Android,  any the work one’s in another.  This virtual system can also be really easily routed,  let you play a full-screen game whilst also doing something else.  And potentially use apps that were previously incompatible with your phone

It it is a little bit prone to crashing on my Samsung  but some of the reviews on PlayStore are glowing  so it might work better on yours.  If you enjoy this video I’ve got a ton of Android customization like this,  so I’ll leave some of that linked as a card above as well as they pinned comment below.  Thanks for watching, my name is Arun,  and this is Mrwhosetheboss  and I’ll catch you in the next one.    

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