Healthy family meal plans on a budget

healthy family meal plans on a budget

Healthy family meal plans on a budget. so if you are new here I hope you will subscribe I put out new videos every week about all things home planning out your meals ahead of time will not only save you time and money

but it will help keep you on track and alleviate that late-afternoon stress of what to make for dinner first make yourself a family favorite meal list of like 20 or 25 meals that your family loves and that you can make easily I keep my list in my planner and then I use it to shop my house first to see what I may already have on hand in my fridge and pantry to help me make dinner

in the coming week I keep all of my recipes in my recipe binders in here I have recipes from magazines online friends and family I keep everything in page protectors and one binder so that I can easily find what I’m looking for taking some time to prep your food ahead of time over the weekend you can easily prep breakfast options like overnight oats so that during the week

you can just grab them and head out the door [Music] chop veggies bake muffins saute chicken 4 take-along lunches now is the time to do anything that will help save you time later in the week whatever possible always double your recipes and make an extra meal for the freezer soups and casseroles are excellent choices for freezer meals make meals side by side and disposable containers cover tightly with foil and stick

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