Guitar tips for intermediate

Guitar tips for intermediate

Guitar tips for intermediate. I still have no idea what this videos about this is gonna be a surprise for me I’m here with Steve samurai guitarist you’ll know how you doing solid seven out of ten I previously said in one of my videos that when I see a chord progression I see a suggestion there are so many ways to paint the picture with just a course you’re seeing sure and that’s something I wanted to explore in this video

so what I asked Steve is to come up with two chord progressions I haven’t seen and so it’s just it’s a surprise for me as well I’ve got two-chord progressions myself just see if we can combine our two guitars to make something bigger than just the open course we all probably know okay well I can do you like it I like, yeah I’m the king of the simple chord progressions I love simple chord progressions they’re my favorite chord progressions hey that’s a bottle of wine on top

so this is what happens when the guy at the counter recognizes you how do you say uh cheers and dodge Prost cross so you just play the chord progression and I got nothing fancy whatever you feel like   oh I complicated it up no-no this is perfect so I want to share my process my thoughts I immediately hear a key of a-minor you see whatever and I feel like we can spice this up very beautifully but just keeping one or two notes as like a note that runs through all

the course oh oh like dick Yong this is the best Ricky the G on top the G on top or you can keep the seeing everything for instance so that’s a very good way to love it make it poppy make it ready for the radio I mean one of my favorite things is the thing about like what the bass is doing without necessarily highlighting yeah the bass notes

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